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We are all about imagery and video, be it traditional terrestrial imagery or aeronautical imagery using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or drones).

We are Southern California's drone service.

Have a tower or building that requires inspection? How about a construction site aerial survey? And—of course—we do real estate listing images/videos, as well.

Pacific Drone Pilots is here for you.



Since his college days, Les has been an avid photographer. He "cut his teeth" with photography by developing film in his own makeshift darkroom when the university darkroom was unavailable. As for piloting, Les started with a Cessna RC model airplane and has flown model helicopters and micro-quadcopters. In 2016, he purchased his first "prosumer" drone. Two months later, he earned his FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

Drones are the perfect blend of Les' two passions—photography and aeronautics.



Pacific Drone Pilots was founded by J. Les Gainous. 

Les is a professional photographer and videographer in the subject matter of real estate, architecture, and nature. He is involved with pre-production of flight missions, the production of said missions, and the post-production & delivery of the mission artifacts such as imagery, video, and their associated projects.

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